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I’ve come across a lot of people who thought once they got a good logo for their business, they’re all good to go – imagine the shocker when I let them know that nah, as far as branding is concerned, they’re not ALL good to go! Branding is way more than having a logo made […]

So @banksbmpro requested for a product photographer yesterday and mentioned the following 1) Good Work Ethics veeeery important. 2) A creative eye a must 3) #hardworking #creativethinker #decent 4) Tag a page that shows a portfolio not #weddingphotography 1, 2 and 3, we have on lock down by the special grace of God and our […]

Hello everyone and welcome to 2018. We are glad to be able to welcome you to the best year yet for you and your business. 2017 was a good year regardless of the difficulties we all faced along the way and today we look back remembering some of those challenges but not really remembering most […]