3 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Page

Blog3 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Page

3 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Page

3 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Page

The importance of the way your instagram page appears cannot be overstated in the days we currently live. Visual appearance is very very critical to how your brand is perceived by those who come in contact with it's content. If you disagree, now is a good time to close this page.


Ok! For those of us we agree and understand the importance of instagram, below are 3 quick and quite simple tricks to get your instagram page SPARKLING!

1. Work With A Layout.

A layout is simply the way your instagram page appears in one view/look. When someone opens your page, they should be instantly impressed just by how it looks as a whole before the go into individual posts.


For RedBoxx we have employed a TILE approach from about 2017 and improved the nature in 2018. In this case we simply post a coloured image and follow it with a pure text image every time. Judge the result yourself.
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For xgrubs we have employed a ROW BY ROW approach. In this setup we simply post 3 similar images from every shoot we are involved in.
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A Filter Can Help.

A filter can always improve any chosen layout as long as you Select ONE filter and stick to it always. The filters helps to even out the colours and give it a more consistently sweet look and feel. We don't currently use filters on any of our profiles but we “modified” them to with some filters to show you whats achievable. Using the same filter on your photos, all the time, is the easiest way to start a theme. A theme is what will give your layout even a better look and feel. We may explore having a theme this year. Not sure yet.

2. Neat & Clean Graphics is Great

Keeping your graphics clean and neat is crucial to the overall look of your instagram page. Having highly contrasting graphic items can be good but also can become cumbersome. Also Nigerians respond more to photos and videos than they do to graphics, so the use of graphics should also be contained and controlled…especially complex/detailed graphics.

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3. Good Photos Always Win

It sounds silly to include this tip. But it will make a difference to the number of likes that you will get. A blurry photo can be seen from miles away. A high quality photo looks sharp and inviting. It makes us want to DOUBLE TAP and look at the rest of your Instagram feed. So when you share a photo, make sure it is a good quality photo. Feel free to use your phone to its best capacity. We shared about How To Make Good Photos in 2017. Check that out if you need some guide and tips to taking better pictures

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