5 Questions to Answer Before Paying For An eCommerce Website

So yesterday Her Royal Instagram-ness @naijabrandchick tagged me on a fellow royalty’s post @triciabiz (I haven’t coined a suitable title yet) regarding developing ecommerce websites. As both women are powerhouses,┬ámany people who offer this service were tagged and many people are also interested in the service got on to find potential service providers. Also naturally we have got some questions/inquiries come into our dm as a result.
However, as a small business how do you know or believe you are ready for an ecommerce website? Do you want the site because Her Royal Business Growth Expert-ness Tricia (my title coining skills are picking up) says she wants some of her clients to do it?
Is Your Website Good Enough
I believe that a business should delve into websites (whether regular or ecommerce) if they are only willing to market it properly. That you have an ecommerce platform doesnt mean anyone will buy from it if they havent heard about it CONSISTENTLY. By consistently, I mean can you answer the following questions with a YES. Not even a bold yes, just a normal one.
  1. Have people been exposed to your brand for a long period?
  2. Has you brand appeared in numerous places over the past 1 year that demand for products/services has really increased?
  3. Have you sold 200 products in at least 3 months this year?
  4. Have you REPEATEDLY collaborated with or worked with at least 3 influencers this year?
  5. Can you plan a steady and repeated collaboration with at least 2 influencers in 2019?
So, what are your answers?

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