March Review Part 2

March was a busy month here. So much that we had to break our recap into 2 parts. As always, we are grateful to all our friends, supporters and clients for continuing to trust us over time. We are always excited to create media that helps to develop brands. Please click here if you are interested in working with us! You are currently reading part 2. Click here to view Part 1.


Every third Friday of the month is always reserved for Afropolitan Vibes with Bantucrew. If you’re a lover of good music – Afro-funk, Afro-pop, Afro-beat, Afro Hip-hop and/or Highlife music, then Muri Okunola park, Lagos is where to be! For more details, go to

Last month was super special though. We heard palm wine and a long list of really cool artistes and we knew right away that it was going to be a fun time taking loads of soulful pictures! When we look at our pictures from those days, it always takes us back to how we felt being there on the 16th and 17th. See some of the pictures here


Indulge! Indulge! Indulge! If you have not heard of the MogeeMagic, the face of Nigerian Chocolate, then you are missing out – especially if you are a chocolate, cupcakes, cookies or macarons fans. Check out @mogeemagic to find out what we are talking agbout!

It was such wholesome delight shooting all sorts of colourful and chocolatey cookies, cupcakes and doughnuts for MogeeMagic last month! You know when just shooting pictures of food fills you up? Yep, that was the feeling.


If you are a fashion lover and you were not at the #LFWNG last month, allow us to announce to you that you missed… greatly! Allow us to also rub it in! Proudly sponsored by Heineken and a host of other sponsors, Lagos Fashion Week, formerly known as Lagos Fashion and Design Week was lit (we heard slay mamas invented that word “lit”, which makes it too appropriate for the fashion week, ‘cause the models at the event totally slayed!)

It’s hard to contain our excitement! With funky, fresh and colourful collections from designers like Sisiano, and Style Temple, we were just clicking away! Check here for some of our pictures from the second day



Have you heard of The Conversation Café? No? It is a platform where creatives and young women share their experiences, their challenges and empower each other to break forth! Follow @theconversationcafe_ on Instagram and Twitter to learn more.

We were honoured to shoot the brain behind The Conversation Café this past March – we are talking about Chisom Ogbummuo! Working with her gave us a peek into her brain and her hopes not just for youths but for Nigeria as a country. It is always enlightening and inspiring to work alongside intelligent people like @sohmmie.

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