Affordable Christmas Gifts and Where You Can Easily Buy Them.

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Yup Yup Christmas is here and its time to buy one gift or the other for friends, family, colleagues and so on. It can be a chore to quickly get the perfect gift for everyone you have to buy for so we have done you the favour of narrowing down to some options you will find interesting and helpful. Dive in!

Unisex Sneakers

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and comfy shoes make that step worthwhile. These unisex sneakers are comfy, colourful, stylish and African which makes then the ideal gift for just about any young adult around you. They are made by HeseyDesigns and you can order them via their website, now!

A Table of Good Food

What is the holiday season without the gift of food? From your colleagues to your family, everyone would be grateful for a nice spread of delicious goodness. Gifting your friends and family a table full of food will not only brighten their moods even more this season, it will essentially make you a champion!

You can order yourself some really amazing tables of foods aka Spreads from Heels In The Kitchen and start your walk to greatness.

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Patterned Shoes

Style Style Style! Picking out a gift for a guy who has a great sense of style? It can feel practically impossible. But worry not as these are just pair-fect!

You can order yourself a pair, amongst many other options, from @DDavidShoes on instagram and

Inside gist : Even lads without a great style of sense will like this. Take it from one who is actually typing what you are reading

Mini Hand Bags

Style and practicality all combined into one gift – the handbag. This is one bag that will definitely make any outfit more interesting. Your sister, girlfriend or wife would thank you for this!

You can order any of these from @HeseyDesigns and

Inside Gist : This particular bag was a hit as the 2019 GTBank Fashion Weekend. It had people gushing about its cuteness and uses. There is a version 2 of this bag available. Holla at real quick.

Are you a business owner? Are you Looking to create a marketing campaign for this Christmas? Here are some benefits

Something for Music

Nothing much to say here! Music is Life. Buy someone some decent headphones and all year long they will be smiling because of you.

They are available everywhere. All major online stores. Everywhere.

Gold Plated Cutlery Set

With all the jollification that will be going on, nothing beats gifting the women in your life extra sets of cutlery for the home. This is the type of gift you give your boss and his wife takes note of who you are. Once the wife likes you, your promotion is sure! is where to lay your hands on decent cutlery sets for every price range possible.

Is that all?

Nope! This is part 1 of a 2 part series. You can find the Part 2 here.

Here’s a recap of what we have listed above. Swipe!

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