How We Created Daytona Supermarket’s Online Christmas Hampers Shop

This is how we created Daytona’s Christmas hamper shop in 10 days.

Just before the 2020 Christmas season, we set up his eCommerce shop to handle Daytona’s Christmas Hamper sales in a quicker and faster way. Here’s how we did it in just 10 days!

We had a photoshoot session.

This session was aimed at getting proper images that will help to increase the chances making sales from the online store.

We had 3 types of photos per hamper. The first photo was the hamper tied up in full with its nylon packaging. The second photo was the hamper without the nylon packaging. The third photo had the content of each hamper laid out in a flat manner. They were all aimed at making the content of each hamper very clear to potential customers.

We used a simple GIF graphic to add some Christmas vibe.

As before we worked with their existing Christmas design elements. We positioned the gif at the top of the landing page right under their USP. We determined their USP to be the simple fact that they had a Christmas hamper for everybody in terms of pricing.

We prepared their website and online store.

We set up all the information about each product on their eCommerce store

We ensured each product had a description that matches the actual content of the hamper.

Daytona Supermarket Christmas Shop Timing

We determined a USP statement for the Christmas shop and used it, along with their brand elements, to create a Christmas themed landing page

We created a dedicated page on their website for ordering items from the Christmas shop. This dedicated page also now serves as the home page of their website as the hampers are the only products available for purchase on their site.

We determined their USP to be the simple fact that they had a Christmas hamper for everybody in terms of pricing. Pricing of their hampers starts out at 150,000 naira for Platinum Hamper and goes all the way to 5,000 for the Winner Hamper.

We then created customised email notifications for their order fulfilment process.

Email Notifications are the emails that customers receive while their order is being processed.

We customised these notifications for Daytona to ensure their customers are kept informed of the status of their order as it goes through each process (from the confirmation of an order to the actual delivery of the hamper) at Daytona247.

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