‘Beautiful, One.’ opens to the reader one of the many sides of REZthapoet, a lover of words who considers poetry as a conduit for interconnected life experiences. In ‘Beautiful One’ his poetry flips from the conversant cultural themes which he often engages to a modern texture that prods identity and existence in a sensual way.

REZthaPoet work, ‘Beautiful One’, is a profound contribution because it engages the subject of the heart with a certain mature ‘journeying’ instead of the expected ballad of teasing eros. In this chapbook, the temperament of a loverboy meeting the philosopher is a rich performance.

Born Adebola Afolabi – Business Consultant, Poet, Poetographer and Spoken word artist.
REZthaPoet delves into different cultural and artistic shifts by using the spoken word poetry genre to educate, engage and entertain a growing and displaced middle class. He has graced several stages in Nigeria and across Africa for over eleven years. He has also worked on collaborative art projects with visual artists and music artists.


Happy New Year

Hello everyone and welcome to 2018. We are glad to be able to welcome you to the best year yet for you and your business.

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Yesterday was the first edition of OutSPOKEN. An event hosted by @RevolvingArtIncubator in Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island. The event featured @REZthaPoet and @Pietrina_.

It was a very nice set up with that kicked off with @Pietrina_‘s rendition of 3 of her works…one about Nigeria, another about the safety of transportation and the last about cancer. Maybe because she was right in my front when she performed, I found it really quick and easy to connect to her words and imagine the whole scenario she spoke about. Yes, her work is that deep, you can picture it as she speaks. The questions that followed and her responses were a proof that she cut deep into people’s minds right there and then.

Next was this freestyle session with her and Rez where they touched on happiness and how we see and relate and respond to it. Now, seeing as depression is a thing people still dont admit to easily, this resonated with the listeners and got a huge response in claps right after. Questions and discussions followed again and clearly both performers did good.

@REZthaPoet ended the show with a medley of sorts from his album Exposit Deluxe. He performed Llorfa, then I am, then One and The Same then Lines of a young man’s wrinkles. The listeners were impressed with his use of a talking drum in addition passion of the performance. The photo below is a testament to that passion

Works Performed : @Pietrina_
1. Pink is not always pretty
2. My Sick Country
3. Melanin Pop
4. Of Equality and Opportunites
Find more of her work here and

Works Performed : @REZthaPoet
1. Owe lesin oro (Yoruba Chant)
2. Llofa (from Exposit Album) with Owe refrain
3. One and the Same (from Exposit album)
4. Lines of a young man’s wrinkle
5. Needing Direction
6. I am (from Exposit album)
Find more of his work on