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What is your Social Media Mission

So @banksbmpro requested for a product photographer yesterday and mentioned the following

1) Good Work Ethics veeeery important.
2) A creative eye a must
3) #hardworking #creativethinker #decent
4) Tag a page that shows a portfolio not #weddingphotography

1, 2 and 3, we have on lock down by the special grace of God and our many attempts to #DoBetter than we did, at a task, yesterday.

#4 however, in my opinion was very tricky for us. Saying there is a clear portfolio here of #ProductPhotography would not be correct in my opinion and this is our profile says a lot about things that have to do with different types of media your brand is putting out to the public from photos, to videos, graphics and websites.

That reminded me clearly of a timetable for content i developed a while back that focuses on specific services each day of the week. If we had kept to this, then there would have been a repetition of product photos over the course of time to count as a porfolio but we couldnt for some reasons best know to nobody actually.

All hope wasn't lost actually and so we referred @banksbmpro to our website (http://www.redboxxdesigns.com/tag/product-photography/) to see some of our past work via her DM. Now that link shows a portolio directly and that's what our instagram page should show too because she may never really have the time to head to our website to check


I am already tempted to create another instagram handle for prodoct photography like we created @8631photos for #EventPhotography and @xgrubs for #FoodPhotography but first I will fin that schedule and see how it can guide us to depict the right images per time every week.

Morale of the story, dont post on your instagram for posting sake. Post with the mission to build a portfolio. Post with your potential client in mind.

Thanks to everyone who tagged us! @phunmikedemi @bk_okuns @wuraola_21 @baloo4lyfe @libraneyephotography. You folks rock!!!

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