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BRANDING: 1 – 101

I’ve come across a lot of people who thought once they got a good logo for their business, they’re all good to go – imagine the shocker when I let them know that nah, as far as branding is concerned, they’re not ALL good to go!

Branding is way more than having a logo made for your brand or product – think of it like this, when a person looks at you they don’t just see your cap or hair or whatever’s on your head; they see everything you are wearing, they see your height and weight, your smile, they read your body language, they can tell how (un)hygienic or (un)healthy you are from your skin, nails and hair… and tons of other stuff you’d be surprised people notice when they meet with you.

That’s exactly what branding is about! You want to think beyond a logo – you want to take into serious consideration your website, your social media, your colours, layouts; you want to be deliberate about the kind of experience your clients have after you work with them, how you talk to them in person or on the phone or even on Whatsapp! You also have to get ready to be consistent, especially if your work has mostly to do  with online content – you need your audience to be familiar with your brand.

Branding is intentional, it is strategic and it has to be well thought out for it to have an impact on your customers.

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