How We Created Salt Lagos’ Online Christmas Shop

BlogHow We Created Salt Lagos’ Online Christmas Shop

How We Created Salt Lagos’ Online Christmas Shop

eCommerce is ever-growing and adapting to customer needs. What looks great in January may need a makeover in June.

For this reason, we offer some extra weeks of support to our clients after their online shop goes live. We use this time to help them further tweak their #eCommerce site to further meet their customers' needs.

This year will be the first year where their Christmas menu is automated via #eCommerce. We helped them set up their #onlineshop earlier in 2020 to reduce the time their customers spend ordering products and improve the documentation of their orders.

Here's what we have been able to achieve so far

Salt Lagos Christmas Menu

1) We created a pdf menu for customers who would prefer having that.

PDFs can be difficult to read on mobile phones so we ensured the design was centered more around usage on phones.

2) We prepared their online shop.

We set up the products on the pdf menu as part of their standard #eCommerce store

3) We created a dedicated Christmas shop page.

We created a dedicated and search engine optimized (SEO) page on their website for ordering items from the Christmas shop

4) We made the dedicated Christmas shop page easy to find.

We added a section on the home page of their website,, to help customers find the Christmas shop quickly. This section, as well as their entire site, was set up to ensure that customers have a clear idea of what it's about whether they visit the site via mobile or desktop.

5) Quick Video

We created this quick (and short! because time has run out) video for the Christmas shop announcement.

Would it be safe to say we are done with this task? Many would say yes but we know we aren't done. We have some next steps

1) Prep communications about the store like FAQs, Best Selling Products, Top Recommendations, and so on.

2) Further fine-tune the product information where possible.

3) Find ways to improve the user experience of their customers while placing orders.

Salt Lagos Christmas Menu

The next step part of the tasks is where we really shine through at RedBoxx. We don't leave our clients hanging after completing their set out tasks, we continue to work with them to ensure their goals are met and improve on what they currently have set up.

We are always happy to see our customers happy with the work being done for them.

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