9 Ways To Pimp Your eCommerce Website

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9 Ways To Pimp Your eCommerce Website

The need to improve eCommerce websites is a continual task. In the simplest of ways, these are 9 good ways to start on improving an eCommerce site

Without a doubt, the first quarter of 2020 won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

The effects of this pandemic and the resultant economic upheaval are being felt across all the industries and it is safe to say that no business is unaffected.

Businesses have had to change their operational model to cope with the social distancing guidelines – making businesses that rely on trade shows modify their operations to adapt suddenly to the changing times.

At RedBoxx, we are asking ourselves the same questions many of you are: What now? How do I change or improve my e-commerce website?

Improve eCommerce Websites

Since the start of the pandemic, consumers have embraced shopping online, Numerator reports that nearly 9 in 10 consumers have changed their behaviour, 88% of consumers now say their shopping behaviour has been impacted by Coronavirus.

If your website's design isn't committed to user experience — not pleasing or easy to browse, consumers consider the company unprofessional. 48% of people use website design as a deciding factor when determining the credibility of a business.

Wondering about the usability of your e-commerce website, this article will serve as a guide for you. We will walk you through some stellar tips on how you can pimp your e-commerce website.


Improve the colour palette, typo, and website design

Consider your target audience and use gender-neutral colours that will be bespoke to your customers. The design should be light, pleasant, and gender unbiased.


Ensure your website is user/mobile friendly is a critical way to improve eCommerce websites

When it comes to e-commerce website user-friendliness is a must – It is no secret how mobile phones are changing the game of online selling and directing more than half of online traffic.

According to the latest PYMNTS' 2020 Remote Payments Study, mobile devices are the most popular device for online shopping by a wide margin. 72% of consumers are using mobile devices to shop in stores. However, it is also noticed that in spite of being a larger traffic generator, mobiles have had a lower conversion rate than desktops.

Ensure you have a site that's optimized for a phone screen – this will make purchasing easy and delightful for customers.

Is Your Website Good Enough


Adding some flavor to your product descriptions can improve your eCommerce website

If you want to continuously captivate customers, make your product descriptions entertaining and engaging. The exciting website copy shouldn't stop with your homepage — make sure you carry the brand personality throughout the content of the entire site.


Create a Dressing Room Experience aka Personalised Experience

This is a trend in services that your e-commerce website can offer to enhance user experience and user interaction with consumers. This is especially true when it comes to e-commerce brands that sell clothes or accessories.

For example, a company that sells glasses can create an experience for its consumers by creating a section where users can try on different shapes of glasses by simply taking a picture.


Integrate social media buttons on your product pages can also help improve eCommerce websites

Integrating social media buttons on your product pages will improve the visibility of your brand and allow shoppers to share your products with their circle of friends and family, giving you exposure to a larger audience.


Tell a Story Through Visuals

The role of storytelling in marketing is huge. The research shows that marketing messages delivered as stories are up to 22 times more engaging and memorable. For an e-commerce brand, visual storytelling is essential to user experience, as it brings customers closer to the brand and offers them exclusive participation in defining this brand.


Feature your customers’ reviews for your products

Displaying customer reviews on your site gives prospects an idea of how the product or service can help them (from other customers), which seems more trustworthy than a product description from your company itself.


Improve your eCommerce website by including customer service capabilities

The retail industry has gone through different stages of development since the brick-and-mortar age. However, the major difference between the former and online shopping is that previously, we didn’t have the benefit of assistants that could help customers find their favorite products within seconds or provides free information about how to use the various products.

Well, this has evolved and it has with the integration of chatbots in online retail stores. It will be helpful to provide resources like these to consumers if you sell a product or service that might have features that need a little more explaining.

We found Help Scout's 7 Best Practices for Effective Ecommerce Customer Service can be useful to give you more tips on this.


Establish a secure checkout process will definitely improve eCommerce websites

Inform your customers with an info button that their credit card information is secure – this will help your consumer feel safe. According to codeinwp, the average global shopping cart abandonment rate for online e-commerce is 69.57%, to which the following reasons make a considerable contribution:

14% – no guest checkout option
11% – complex checkout process
7% – not enough payment options

If your website struggles with high shopping cart abandonment rate, you need to do the following:
Find out why this is happening with the help of usability testing (through user interviews and data received from customer support).

Map the customer journey with the consideration of the data gathered from usability testing.
Do AB testing to see how the solution is working.

Along with having a secure websites, these are 9 other features of a good eCommerce website

Wondering about the usability of your e-commerce website, this article will serve as a guide for you. We will walk you through some stellar tips on how you can pimp your e-commerce website.


In conclusion, millions of online customers are changing their behaviour and at the same time opting for more time-saving ways to shop. With so much competition at hand, it is fundamental that your e-commerce website provides positive user experience, and creating a positive experience should be an ongoing pursuit.

We can help you achieve this and more. Sign up for our eCommerce Development and Management service today.

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