Tulips And Lilies
Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to bring some more income for every bakery business. Here's what we did to setup, launch and market Tulips & Lilies' Online Christmas Shop


Our team journeyed to Ibadan to capture photographs of Tulips & Lilies' entire Christmas product range. The aim was to furnish three top-tier images for each product, guaranteeing a dynamic online presence on both their website and social media platforms. This endeavor is a pivotal component of our Photography Support Service, playing a crucial role in the overall triumph of Tulips & Lilies' digital festive presentation.


After contemplating several names for the shop, we ultimately settled on “Joyful Jingle Christmas.” We then prepare a simple header image to signify this. As part of the brand board for the shop Further details of the brand board then started coming together like design elements and fonts.

Website Management

We established an SEO-optimized, dedicated page on their website for Christmas shop orders at to display all the available products.

We then configured each product according to Tulips & Lilies' direction and needs. Every product featured three accompanying images: one captured from the top, another from the side, and a highly detailed view to provide a comprehensive and complete visual representation of the product. To heighten customer anticipation, we implemented a countdown across all products, creating an engaging and time-sensitive shopping experience.

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Website Management

We incorporated a fresh slider onto the homepage of ( and expanded it further by including a dedicated section showcasing the Christmas shop products on the same page to help customers find the Christmas shop quickly. These two items are set to be the very first thing that visitors see upon visiting, these features aim to promptly inform visitors about the Christmas shop and facilitate swift orders.

We also added a link to their navigation menu to make it easy for anyone on the other parts of their website to return to the Christmas shop at any time.

Launch Marketing

A comprehensive website isn't truly fulfilled without a strategic marketing plan in place. To effectively communicate the essence of the Christmas Shop with both existing and potential customers, we meticulously crafted a series of graphic designs. These designs serve as visual aids, seamlessly integrating into our communication strategy to convey the festive offerings and engage the audience in a captivating manner.

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