Should I Offer Guest Checkout On My eCommerce Website?

BlogShould I Offer Guest Checkout On My eCommerce Website?

Should I Offer Guest Checkout On My eCommerce Website?

This article will answer all your eCommerce checkout questions like what, why and how. It'll ultimately help you design a more effective checkout page.

When developing an eCommerce website, you'll need to decide whether to allow guest checkouts or enforce that shoppers create an account. However, the arguments tend to lean towards guest checkout because it is the best way to reduce cart abandonment – the current eCommerce cart abandonment rate on an average is 74%.

Taking into consideration the high rate of shopping cart abandonment, business owners should be doing everything they can to reduce it and increase sales. There are several ways to encourage buyers to complete their purchase and offering guest checkout in your online store is one strategy.

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This article will answer all your questions and help you design a more effective checkout page by looking into the following

What is “guest checkout”?
Why offer Guest checkout?
Cons of Guest Checkout

What is “guest checkout”?

To start with, guest checkout is the ability for shoppers to make a purchase from your store without creating an account or logging into an account or saving any information in your database – such as username, password, shipping/billing address, etc.

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Why offer Guest checkout?

Improves First Contact
Allowing prospects to checkout as a guest is vital when they’re engaging with your website or brand for the first time. This is because users don’t immediately trust online businesses with their personal data.

Converts Impulse Buyers
When the registration process is effortless, buyers are more likely to purchase from your store.

Research shows that 8 out of 10 shoppers admit that they have made a purchase on impulse. You can leverage impulse buying to increase eCommerce ROI.

Accelerates the Buying Process
Guest checkout speeds up the buying process – this works because it gives your customers the option to enter an email address and head straight to checkout.

eCommerce Guest Checkout Feature on

eCommerce Guest Checkout Feature on

Cons of Guest Checkout

Returns, exchanges, and refunds are a hassle without an account

Difficulty reviewing, modifying, or tracking orders

The inability to easily reorder products

The inability to link a customer’s order history/loyalty with other programs where accounts are necessary (ex. memberships)

Customer service finding it time-consuming or difficult to assist shoppers with their orders

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Just like everything, there are also some cons to offering guest checkout options. You won’t be able to save customer's shopping information for future references, marketing and re-marketing, nor will they be able to track their order.

But you can work on improving your checkout page without forcing users to register their details before they checkout.

Have any questions about enabling guest checkout on your online store? You’re always welcome to reach out to us on or fill the form below.

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