Automation and integration of business process through software technology has been empowering organizations to the path of success as business software becomes more accessible and affordable to organizations and businesses. It is a powerful enabler that accelerates positive growth and creates a competitive advantage. Organizations that need to not only automate, integrate and harvest its business process data elements require strategic and visionary partners that think and look beyond the day-to-day operations with a view to reinvent business models by aligning business and software principles. At BIIL we approve of this strategic thought and also execute programs and projects that align with this vision that sets our customers aside from competition.

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Onita Farms

About Onita Farms

Onita Farms is a leading Nigerian agro-allied company in the business of farming, trading in agricultural products and agro-allied services. Onita Farms has a competent range of selected products and services such as poultry, animal husbandry, fishery, food processing and marketing of all other related agro-allied products.

We ensure that we trade in produce of the highest quality and standard, all sourced from our farm. Our Integrated farming operations, products and services meet up with the industry standards and farming practices, as laid down by regulatory bodies both locally and internationally. We ensure that all our products are preserved under the best conditions. Our customers include manufacturers, exporters, foodstuff wholesalers and retailers.