This past Saturday had us at #TheSocialiga Match Day 2 at Campos Mini Stadium. The action was end to end for practically each match. Football was delivered to the spectators at very good standards all through.

That being said, here are 5 really cool moments across all the matches

1. There were duels all over the place. Players took each other on at every possible opportunity. There was no shying away.

2. Tackling was well on point. With every duel a successful or failed tackle was around the corner. There were some really lovely tackles in every match.

3. With duels and tackles came some time on the turf. Especially for the folks who ended up on the wrong end of some tackles

4. Some goalkeepers made saves. Others couldn’t because of some super work from the players.

5. Definitely there were some OMG misses. Some as a result of goalkeeping miracles and others, well you know already.

Honorable mentions
Some people came to shoot adverts!!! Knowingly and unknowingly.

6. Coaches were on hand to dish out instructions and tactics. And they were serious about it at every point

7. Some defensive clearances were with 100% concentration and focus.

8. The dribbles were also on show everywhere. Both the sleek ones and the rough ones.

9. Team warm ups were done in absolutely style and effectiveness.

10. Officiating was top notch all through

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The Socialiga was formed to provide a platform for young Nigerians to continue to satisfy their interest football as amateurs outside the top leagues in Europe and America in a more organized environment. With the Socialiga, private individuals get to work as amateur players, coaches and even event organizers (as volunteers) having fun while picking up soft skills in event and people management in a non-hostile environment.

Since its inception The SociaLiga has adopted a fan-centered approach to staging events, that means that asides the football on display, great care is taken to include side attractions and services that will keep football fans engaged throughout the duration of the event. As a coalition of young individuals, The SociaLiga wants to change the way young people see participatory sports, encourage them to take ownership of concepts and spaces that will create impactful strides as well as develop & equip them with the tools & resources to achieve their goals and realize their dreams in their careers.

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