Mental and Environmental Development Initiative for Children –MEDIC is a non‐governmental and pro-human organisation that aims at a total positive transformation and development of the child.

They are set out to encourage children to be physically and mentally involved in the fight against an environmentally irresponsible Nigeria. To keep children responsible in their doings and enrich their self esteem, to engrave in the minds of children the importance of integrity and honesty and deepen their sense of patriotism, to make Nigeria a better place through children and to make the world a better place through Nigeria and to create strong awareness on Global Warming and provide support in combating climate change through all relevant and legitimate means

Services Provided

Website Maintenance
Graphics Design
Content Development

Website : medicng.org

We managed MEDIC’s website for a few weeks to execute a revamp operation on the site as part of our Website Maintenance Service. Our focus was on improving the brand value offered by the website to MEDIC’s various activities. A full view of the homepage of the website is below

Website : medicng.org

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