International Womens Day 2018

On a daily basis women are achieving more and contributing to the economic progress of nations globally – we know because we have met some of the women. It would be a cruel thing not to acknowledge the economic, social, political and cultural accomplishments of these women who have been empowered and are striving for other women to be same, ON A DAILY BASIS.

March 8th was International Women’s Day, but at RedBoxx Designs, we believe one day in a year isn’t enough to celebrate these amazing women. This year’s IWD theme is #PressforProgress, and we have added our own hashtag to the equation – #CelebrateWomenDaily.

Yes, we #pressforprogress and do our share of the push for functional equality by celebrating women daily, and encouraging you out there to do the same.

On March 8th, we hosted some of the women we know doing extraordinary things to dinner – it was a fun night, the food was amazing, the chitchat was enlightening and they got to share some their stories with us.

Watch Ozoz, Sasha P, Imoteda, Toni, Chisom, Eva Johnson, TT, Delphine, Iyorah and Sarah in our #celebratewomendaily video!


More to follow

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