How To Make More From eCommerce Online Shops

3 Ways To Ensure You Make More Money From Your Online Shop This Week

There are very many best practices in eCommerce today that can help you get better results from your online shop. These practices essentially helps to create a positive customer experience for your online shop visitors. Eventually the delivery of a good customer experience is where money will be made from.

A  good user experience will encourage visitors to buy from a shop while a bad user experience will ensure they don’t last long enough on the website to by a product.

This article is going to look at 3 major activities that can get you making more money from your eCommerce store in a few days

How To Make More From eCommerce Online Shops

1) Keep Things Very Simple.

Simplicity is key in eCommerce because it improves the customers focus on the product, increases the chances of getting a complete order and reduces cases of product returns.

Avoid Any Form Of Clutter In Your Product Images.
Ensure you have images on consistent background colours. White or grey works best. Consistency is key to being received positively by current and potential customers.

How To Make More From eCommerce Online Shops

Use Simple Menu Items.
Make use of categories and tags to group your products properly.
Use these categories in the menus. It will help customers find their way around faster.

Setup A Search Bar
A search bar will look through product information to provide results to customers. This is even more crucial when you have a lot of products in your shop. Customers need to be able to quickly check if a product is available and nothing works better than a quick search for that.

How To Make More From eCommerce Online Shops

2) Set up Abandoned Cart Emails For Orders From Your Online Shop.

If a customer adds products to their cart and doesn’t complete the purchase, an abandoned cart is created. Sending reminder emails about abandoned carts can remind users to complete their order and result in more revenue. Our experience over the past year is that this can generate between 10 and 15% more revenue for a brand.

How To Make More From eCommerce Online Shops

3) Use Multiple Payment Options In Your Online Shop.

It is easy to assume a lot about payment solutions and pick the one which is believed to cost the shop less in transaction charges. But the shop is not there for the shop to shop from it. It is there so that people can buy products quickly, easily and safely. As a result the focus should be on giving the customers multiple payment options to select from to ensure they are more comfortable with paying for their orders.

We have a detailed article on eCommerce Payment Solutions here

How To Make More From eCommerce Online Shops

Bonus: Setup the UpSell Cross-Sell for your products.

Upselling, requires convincing the customer of the added value of a higher-priced item.

Cross-selling is offering products that will enhance your customer’s experience of a product.

Upselling and cross-selling are closely related and useful in both increasing your profit and anticipating your customer’s needs.

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How To Make More From eCommerce Online Shops

There are more tips and tricks that can help you make more from eCommerce but these few are the perfect place to start

In our 10 Key Features of a Good eCommerce Website, we detail every feature you need for a decent eCommerce website. You might find this helpful.

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5 Things To Consider When Planning Your eCommerce Delivery Strategy

You put so much effort into making sure your customers have an amazing experience by taking the right product images, tweaking your product description, and setting up a reliable payment solution, all with the goal of leaving your customers happy.

But with shipping, it feels like you are handing your brand over to a stranger.

However, it does not have to feel that way – getting familiar with and choosing the right shipping solution will ensure the smooth running of your eCommerce.

There are some basics that set a foundation for the rest of your shipping Such as: Product Size and Weight, Sensitivity, Distance, and Urgency

Product Size and Weight are critical to delivery rates because bigger products require bigger vehicles to move just as heavier ones would.

For example, the size and weight of a phone differ from a television.

Product Sensitivity can also impact the delivery process and as a result, may need to be treated with more care from the vehicles used to deliver to the person handling them.

For example, bread can be delivered via motorcycles but it is often not a good idea to deliver cakes with motorcycles.

Delivery Carriers Carriers are crucial because they interact with your customers. They can be the difference between a happy customer who will recommend your brand to others and a livid customer who will be super angry with your brand. What are the best delivery services or carriers for your unique needs? Here are some options UPS, FedEx, DHL, Gokada, GIG, Courierplus, Max and Ace.

Urgency also has an impact on delivery rates. For example, same-day delivery will cost more than next day delivery. Below are the major delivery options

Next-Day Delivery: The senders can have items delivered to their customers more quickly than with a standard 2 or 3-day service.

Same Day Delivery: This involves delivering an order within the same day it is ordered. It usually requires a cut off time to ensure its achievable

Real-Time Delivery: This involves delivering an order within 1 or 2 hours. It is applicable across all sorts of brands but essential for food brands. Other brands can apply it as Express Delivery Service which will cost more than other options.

How to make Free Shipping work profitable for your business

Offering free shipping to your customers will improve your conversion rate. Guaranteed! But, can also can kill your profit margins if you are not careful.

So, how do you make free shipping profitable?

The steps are:

Establish a Baseline: Compare your conversion with and without the free shipping offer. You need to test how much making the offer will lift your conversion rate. If offering free shipping won’t raise conversion, there is no point going through all the trouble.

Create Thresholds: Increase the minimum order value required for free shipping – for example, if the number of items a customer need to purchase to access free shipping was 2 items, increase it to 5 items and test the improvement in margin.

This is the most obvious way to save your margins while offering free shipping – it “forces” customers to spend more to get free shipping and helps to raise your margins.

Set Restrictions: Monitor the kind of improvement you will get by offering free shipping only on select products where it is profitable or where you know the shipping cost is low.

Enact Price Increases: The last “trick” in the bag is to increase all your product prices to compensate for the loss you take on free shipping, and see how your profit compares. For example, if you sell a Ready to wear dress for 4,500 naira and shipping cost 1,500 naira, add the shipping fee (1,500 naira) to the cost of the dress – now you sell the dress for 6,000 naira with free shipping. That way it is a win win for you and the consumer.

Understanding all the variables and evolving your shipping strategy with your growing business is vital to its long term growth and success. When you think you have it figured out, do not let it go stale – reevaluate every six months to make sure you are delivering the absolute best possible service and experience for the best possible price to your customers.


How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Do product description impact sales?

The answer is Yes.

An eCommerce study found that 20% of purchase failures are potentially a result of missing or unclear product information.

It is not unusual for eCommerce managers to get caught up with the design and aesthetic of their product detail pages, while the product descriptions fall down on their priority list – but what eCommerce managers fail to understand is this – 87% of consumers rate product content extremely when deciding to buy.

Clearly, that makes product descriptions have significant impacts on conversions than one would assume.

What is Product Description?

As the name suggests, product descriptions are the words you use to describe your products. It is the marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it is worth purchasing. The purpose of a product description is to supply customers with important information about the features and benefits of the product so they are compelled to buy.

Imagine a product listed without a description, your guess is as good as ours – it will sell at a much lesser rate than a product with one.

Imagine trying to sell a waterproof hair cover without saying it is waterproof or trying to sell a pair of eco-friendly shoes without saying they are made of recycled materials. Good luck with getting a customer fast.

Below are other reasons why product description is necessary

It helps potential buyers decide whether his/her investment is worth it.

It helps to provide them valuable information about the product.

It gives an overall polished appeal of the brand.

Descriptions do wonders for SEO, as every digital marketer will tell you seven days of the week.

It helps convert a potential buyer into a regular customer.

It gives the visitors usage tips and recommended points of caution.

How to write product descriptions that sell

1. Focus on your ideal buyer
Ensure the target market is not too broad to avoid making it difficult to narrow in on the type of information that your buyer is most interested in. The product description should speak directly to your ideal buyer – write as if you are having a direct conversation with them.

2. Entice with benefits
It is important to include the benefits of the product in a way that interests and engages the potential customer. They are not interested in the boring facts about the product.

3. Justify using superlatives or avoid it altogether
It may be tempting to use superlatives when describing your products. However, include information to back up these superlative statements – this allows the potential customer to believe you.
Such as:
– Statistics and specific details that back up your superlative comments.
– A good customer review of the product.

4. Appeal to your readers’ imagination
Shopping online does not give buyers the ability to hold and feel items they are interested in. This is why your product description should appeal to your reader’s imagination, such that they imagine holding or using your product. Create visually appealing product descriptions by beginning your sentences with “Imagine.”

5. Do not have the same description for your products
Your product description should be unique and different from all of the other products you are selling. Google especially does not like duplicate content when it comes to ranking in search and since you want to please both Google and your customers – which audience do you write your descriptions for? Remember, the customer is always right so you should be writing product descriptions that make sense to them first and then strategically adding in your keywords where they make sense to Google.

To conclude, not every eCommerce store is the same – what works for one entrepreneur might not be best for you, and vice versa, the ultimate goal of product descriptions is to entice potential customers to make a purchase on your site.

Without them, customers would be left with questions about your products and probably highly unmotivated to spend their money.

From our own experience optimizing hundreds of eCommerce websites – you can find success in the smallest adjustments you make to your product page copy.

Evaluate your current product descriptions using the tips we listed above and you will be on your way to the best product description possible!

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