Black Friday Marketing Campaign Ideas That Can Work For Any Brand.

Black Friday is a great opportunity for customers to get access to their favourite brands, or their wishlist, at much cheaper rates.

One effective way to reach more people (aka gather some “steam”) is to create a marketing campaign that effectively offers interested viewers a discount or freebie or some other value. Nothing beats a discount or freebie and you know it as much as we do! So, what do you need to create a campaign that can deliver results to your brand? CONTENT!

Effective marketing is often what separates rapidly growing companies from slow-growing or stalled companies that started at the same time, serve the same market and offer similar

What is Black Friday?

Always on the last Friday of November, Black Friday is a day where massive retail discount sales are available, online and in store, originally in the US.

In recent years, #BlackFriday has grown into a culture that has been adopted and adapted worldwide thanks to how the Internet has made the world an open marketplace.

BlackFriday in Nigeria

Nigerians haven’t been left out with people keying into sales on international sites such as Amazon and eBay from places like Orile, Surulere, Trans Amadi, Enugu and so on.

Big Nigerian brands such as Jumia and Konga also heavily market Black Friday deals when the date gets closer and have done so repeatedly over the years. They have had full-fledged marketing campaigns in the last 2 years that start off well before the actual day itself. If there were no advantages to doing it, they would not have done it repeatedly at all.

Benefits of Marketing Black Friday Deals

The use of marketing campaigns to execute black friday is seen as a good idea because campaigns have numerous advantages like

1. Increase brand visibility to both existing and potential audience.

2. Develop lasting relationships with both existing and potential audience.

3. Improve brand awareness and recognition to both existing and potential audience.

2019 Black Friday

This year Black Friday is going to be on November 29 and as already established Nigerians will not be left out. Every brand should participate in the sale, no matter how small. In the grand scheme of things, nothing comes off as too small because customers love discounts and as such would appreciate the opportunity to get some any day and anytime. Black Friday is no different.

What type of Business is Black Friday Suitable for?

Black Friday is suitable for both products based and service-based brands. It is essentially a day of discounts and discounts are applicable everywhere. What’s important is how the discounts are presented.

If you expect your business to grow to any size, you’ll have to become an effective marketer, advertiser and promoter of your business. In fact, you’re likely to grow to the extent that you master marketing, and no more

Ideas for Black Friday Deals.

Here are some ideas both product and service-based businesses can use for marketing ahead of Black Friday

1) Service-based brands can take bookings at a discounted rate* all through the day.

2) Service-based brands can offer subscription renewal (and entry) fees at a discounted rate* all through the day.

3) Product-based brands can sell at discounted rates* for just that day.

4) Product-based brands can offer a buy one get one free deal. This essentially is 50% off in a way, but it ensures more products are sold.**

5) Product-based brands can also offer a buy one and get the other at half price. This here is like a 25% discount rate.**

*Discounted rates can be from 10% up to whatever rates a brand can afford.

**Service-based brands can also offer this

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